25 Years Later: 4 Things from 1994 That are Having a Huge 2019

A lot can change in a quarter century, and it's often unpredictable. Remember when we all thought these would be worth something someday? As if! (Also people don't say "As if!" any more...) Still, some things have the staying power to stand the test of time. Growing, expanding, reinventing - not everything that [...]

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Mini-Golf Mastery: Breaking Down the Perfect Putt

When it comes to Mini-Golf, playing like a pro is ALL about the putt. Scaled down for all-ages fun, Mini-Golf courses are not the right place to put your driving range skills to work... not unless you want to bean the next team over. Small-swing strategies and taking the right form are the keys [...]

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4 Cookie and Candy Bar Frosting Recipes for Marvelous Birthday Mashups

You have a birthday every year, why stick to the same old frosting flavors? Check out these sweet treats that take cookies and candy bars and turn them into creamy cake-topping goodness! 3 Musketeers Frosting Fluffy, chocolatey, and twisted with delicate nougat - this frosting takes the cake! Ingredients 15 oz. 3 [...]

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5 Birthday Cakes that Could Use a Mulligan

Sometimes making someone's special day extra special goes... less than perfectly. These frosted mistakes may be begging for a do-over, but at least we get to enjoy how deliciously funny they turned out: This Caffeinated Scholarly Screw-Up Ironically, it seems like somebody hadn't had their coffee before they tried to spell "Magna [...]

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What Your Mini-Golf-Ball Color of Choice Says About You

Did you know while you were shooting for a hole-in-one, you were also showing your true colors? Check out what your choice of hue says about you: BLUE You’re the straightforward type. Probably the person in your mini-golf crew who can be trusted to keep score and know all the right rules, [...]

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6 of the Cutest Kids’ Valentines that Could Use a Mulligan

When a little one sends a Valentine, usually their heart is in the right place... but maybe their choice of words isn't exactly a hole-in-one. Check out these hilarious V-Day attempts that could probably use a second draft: This Constructive Criticizer This X-Poet This Morbid Snack-er This Kid Who Knows [...]

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